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Created on 2009-04-14 19:13:13 (#60560), never updated

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Name:Food Fiends
Location:Santa Monica, CA, United States of America
Website:Food Fiends
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:All about food! Recipes, food porn, restaurant reviews....anything food-related is welcome
What's this community for?
* Food porn
* restaurant reviews
* wine tasting notes
* accounts of lovely meals shared with friends
* recipes
* stuff related to specific diets (low carb, kosher, vegan, you name it)
* menu suggestions, plating ideas, wine and food pairings
* discussions about condiments, ingredients, food-related customer service
* food-centric travelogues
* food theory, cultural histories, and other academic discussions of foodie interest

What are the rules?
* food and beverage related content only, please. Obviously, that's a wide range.
* please put any post with more than one reasonably-sized pic under a cut tag.
* Subject headers should include the location (home/Brooklyn/Co-Ops/Nobu Las Vegas) and topic (recipe/theory/review/food porn/miscellaneous/etc.) so community members can search for pertinent entries
* Common sense and common courtesy rules apply. No personal attacks, I statements are strongly encouraged, and while disagreement is fab, patently offensive or bigoted remarks are totally NOT OK.
* Food humor is awesome!

Interests (95):

absinthe, antelope jerky, artisanal breads, baking, barbecue, buffets, cake, calamari, carb amnesty, carnivores, casseroles, cheese, chocolate, cilantro, cocktail weenies, cocktails, cookies, cooking, couscous, cuisine, deep-fried anything, diet, dining, dishware, drinking, eating, eating above one's means, eating with friends, edible flowers, food, food porn, food travel, foodies, foofy drinks, frites, fusion cuisine, gourmet, grilling, habaneros, haute cuisine, hi-carb, holiday specific foods, ice cream, ingredients, international candy, jello, junk food, kitchenaid stand mixers, lemongrass, lobster, loose-leaf tea, low-carb, margaritas, mashed potatoes, meat, menu composition, microbrews, mushrooms, olives, onion rings, organic free-range meat, pan-searing, parties, pizza, plating techniques, port, produce, profiteroles, raw bars, recipes, restaurants, reviews, sake, salads, seafood, shortcake, shrimp cocktail, street meat, sugar, superfluous kitchen appliances, sushi, tea, tiramisu, tourist traps, trifles, truffles, tuna, turducken, turkey hot dogs, unidentifiable vegetables, vegan, veggie, weird condiments, whole grains, wine
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